April Battle Tournament - Info & Sign up!


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Nov 19, 2018
So here's the better laid out, more official thread for this month's tournament!

Team Format:

-Team of 6 pokemon at maximum level 50;
-No legendaries, pseudo-legendaries, or slakings;
-At least 5 pokemon per team must be available in the wild, or be performable evolutions of poke found in the wild; at most, one may be box/gold store exclusive, provided they do not break any of the other format restrictions;
-One box/gold store pokemon or box-only evolution of a wild pokemon permitted per team, excluding those not permitted above;
-Shinies bought in the gold store, or pokemon obtained from boxes, may be used, provided they are of a species available in the wild, or an available evolution of a wild pokemon. Quest reward pokemomn are considered wild pokemon. The exception to this is underlevelled evolutions of wild pokemon (Pawniard evolves to Bisharp at level 52, so a level 50 Bisharp would either not be allowed, or must be your one permitted box-only selection;
-Duplicates may not be included from the same evolutionary branch; pokemon at the ends of different branches may be used, allowing you to use multiple eeveelutions, or pokemon such as Vileplume and Bellossom, in the same team.
-Maximum of three starter pokemon per team; however, they may not all be of the same type;
-Team must be split into two halves, each represented by one of the 18 types.

Team Splitting:
To build your team, select 2 types. 3 pokemon in your team must have one of these chosen types, and the other three must have the other type. Dual-type pokemon are permitted, and their secondary type does not matter, provided that three, and only three pokemon, of each type is included. This means that any pokemon selected may not have both selected types. For example, if water and dragon types are selected, Kingdra may not be included, as regardless of which half it was included on, your team would have 4 pokemon with one of the chosen types. Any other dual-type pokemon is permitted; it's perfectly allowed for all 6 pokemon to have a common type, if their other types allow them to be organised into the 3/3 split. If the maximum permitted 3 starter pokemon are used, they may not make up the entirety of one half of the split; 2 must be of one type, the third of the other type. If only 2 starters are included, they may both be of the same primary (Fire, Water, Grass) type.

Example Team:

Chosen Types: Water, Dragon
Water: Blastoise, Gyarados, Wailord
Dragon: Noivern, Flygon, Altaria
Note: Should the player using this team wish to replace Wailord with Pelipper, a Water/Flying dual-type pokemon, this team would still be permitted. It would include 4 pokemon with the flying-type (Gyarados, Pelliper, Noivern, Altaria), but since the chosen types are Water and Dragon, not flying, this does not conflict with the 3/3 split.

All teams will need to be confirmed one week prior to the start date of the tournament (currently tba). No buying tourney-ready pokemon on the last day of training!

Battle Format:

Battles will follow the same format as the previous tournament:

-Tournament is ladder-style, not knock-out. Nobody is eliminated for losing; all players will fight the same number of battles.
-Before each battle commences, confirm your team's order to the present coordinator.
-Battles will then be fought with the first pokemon in your order fighting the first pokemon in your opponent's order, as 6 individual 1v1 battles.
-Points are awarded to the trainer of the victorious pokemon, at which point it is to be recalled, and the second of each players' pokemon battle, until all 6 pokemon have duelled individually. The use of self-destruct or explosion will award the point to the opponent, regardless of whether the target faints or not.

-Bonus points will be awarded for a win, with extra awarded for a 6-0 victory.
-You must use the same team for all of your battles, but the order in which your pokemon battle are not fixed; you may change the order of battle between each match, but once the order is confirmed for a fight, you must follow it.

The tournament will again be help on the last sunday of the month, April 28th. 4 weeks to get training!
Post below to sign up, and please only use this thread to sign up! Sign up posts will be removed once your name is added to the sign-up roster.
Use the original Q&A thread for any queries: http://forum.pokemonrise.com/index.php?threads/battle-tournament-q-a.90/
want a head-start for may's tourney? team rules: no duplicated types


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Nov 19, 2018
Prize Pot for podium:

2m Cash
10 Rare Candies
Lv 50 box poke - Ampharos, Reuniclus

All competitors who complete all their battles will win something! Finish high for shinies, box poke, cash, maybe a candy or two if you're lucky!
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