may ''All Out'' tournament. Info & Signups.

Apr 14, 2019
Hello, i'll be hosting a tournament . So that players have the time to Train And Just overall Prepare it Wont be In april.

Time And Restrictions.
The Tournament Will Happen May 3th. this Will give enough time for player To train grind and overall just prepare. note that This tournament isn't ''everything allowed' and that Restrictions/rules Are something That MUST be read And kept in mind, Talking about restrictions/rules, let's tell people What Is our rules.

Alright, The rules are simple And must Be respected, So read them :p
Note: Some pokemons are NOT allowed And will be listed below.

The pokemons Which Aren't allowed for this tournament Are listed below:
  • Slaking
  • rhyperior
  • Any legendaries And Pseudo legendaries.
  • box pokemons That aren't obtainable in the wild.
  • Any Evolution Of An pokemon Which is UNDER the level it Could evolve (example a level 20 torterra) are Also banned from this tournament.
  • Quests Pokemons Aren't technically Wild or Catchable, But Will be Accepted.
Anything that is non map which is exactly Like The box pokemons, They're also banned with the exception of pokemons obtained from quests.
the Battle Are gonna be 2v2 (2 poke vs 2 poke)
Note: Themed Teams Are allowed if the pokemons respect the tournament rules/restrictions. So mono types Gen themed etc Are all Allowed if the pokemons Inside Your team respect our tournament conditions/restrictions.
Restricted Levels.
Each pokemons Need to be level 50. You Are Allowed 6 Level 50 pokemons. basically a team of 6 lvl 50.
Assuming We get enough players So the tournament is possible The 3 trainer Who place In the tournament (1st place second place and third place) will receive one of the following:

  • First place=Mienfoo
  • Second place=Dedenne
  • third place=10000 Pokedollars.
So That About it i think. If You Wish to participate contact me in Game (via pms) or register here Via Comments. Enjoy And See You at the tournament!
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