Pokemon Rise Rules

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May 12, 2018
Rules & Guidelines

1. Using multiple accounts at the same time is not allowed. You may own multiple accounts, but are only allowed to use one at a time.
2. Only the person who created the account can access the account. Please do not share accounts or register an account under the same email or a friend’s email.
3. Selling or giving away accounts is prohibited.
4. Do not ask for free Pokemon, items or money.
5. Do not insult or provoke staff or any players. Including calling people names or making rude comments.
6. Do not use or make any kind of automated process/software, hacking or editing Pokemon Rise is prohibited.
7. Abusing glitches and or not reporting them.
8. Do not impersonate a staff member or pretend to be part of the team.
9. Do not impersonate another player.
10. If your account has been banned do not create or use another one, will result in all the accounts being banned and initial ban extended.
11. Please use the correct chat rooms in game, trades for trades,auction for auction and help on help chat.
12. If you are caught abusing the gym to earn money you will be banned.
13. Using beds to roleplay is not allowed will be chat banned or banned if caught.

Usernames, in game messages including private messages should not include the following:

1. Not contain sexually inappropriate content
2. Religious or Political debates/discussions
3. Advertising other websites or fan made games.
4. Illegal content, including drugs, torrent websites or anything related.
5. Personal information, please do not give out any personal information that is unnecessary information (Names and age may be excluded)
6. Trade stuff related goes to trade chat.
7. Asking for spawns is not acceptable.
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