Some ideas right off my head!

1) Make the doors of empty houses, inaccessible to players - Prevent characters from repeatingly entering houses when on-track to a spot(after a click)

2) Allow TMs to be used on pokemon without a full moveset - Some pokemons do not have usable attacks in early levels(Thus unable to kill wilds, for EXP)

3) Put up signage(Mailbox, signpost e.g.) in front of important buildings - It will be easier for players to see which houses have NPCs, that is of interest to them!

4) Create and allow overworld weather effects - Some moves are affected by weather and this can make pokemon battles more interesting.

5) Design certain attacks as mutiple-target moves - Players need some "crowd control" during travels and this can make pokemon battles more interesting.

6) Reduce pricing of tutoring and nickname-giving services of NPCs - They are just simply overcharging players. I suggest halves the current prices.

7) Display exit markers on minimap - I often only use the minimap on my screen's leftside but not all "off-the-map edges" are real exits; thats annoying.

8) Allow wilds to dorp items beside money - Is good to give players another reason to go further out into, the wildness; instead of looming in hometown!

9) Have a new NPC tutoring Egg moves - Egg moves allow more usable movesets for each pokemon and this can make pokemon battle more interesting.

10) Catergories in menu of pokemart - Is is not easy to scroll down a very small but long list of items; grouping items make viewing much better.

11) Create quest for "Full Happiness" /special evolvution methods - Some pokemon evolves in unique ways but can those ways be replaced with a quest?

12) More themed maps - As spawns are closely related to the map they are in, I hope there is more kinds of maps, like "power plants", "Dojo" or "fairyland"

I might write more suggestions, next time!
Feb 27, 2019
i believe that we should be able to breed pokemon to get more and also have gen 7 pokemon and possibly gen 8 if an update containing gen 7 comes after gen 8 comes out with all of those pokemon
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