Team Royal

Sep 21, 2018
Team Royal Is A Top-Notch Guild Taking Members Both New And Old. We Are The Number Three Ranked Guild. We only have 8 Members Yet We Hold The Most Talented Trainers And Have Made A Big Name For Ourselves And To Make Our Guild Number One We Gotta Grow And Make Our Name Even Bigger.

Stuff We Do Together:
1. Travel in groups (even though im a mod and can teleport ill still walk with you if needed)
2. We got a guild discord where we chat and bond
3. We always have someone to help out.

Stuff We Need
1. More People
2. A pixel artist (to make a guild banner)
3. Experienced Trainers (we need them so we have more leadership roles)
4. New trainers (we can teach yall how to get started and become a great trainer)

Good luck and be the very best.

(insert guild banner here)
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Jan 8, 2019
Hello, I am a Middle-Level player that hasn't done a whole lot of stuff and still relatively new to the game, message me in-game with your response. I'll be on for the next two to three hours.
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