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    [​IMG] This is a guide how to play Pokemon Rise as a *Starter* the top right of the screen u see your Pokemon. To take out the Pokemon u need to press on the Pokeball.
    2. When u click on Your Pokemon at top right u see certain moves.Press 1 of them u like so the Pokemon can attack on the move u choosed 12.PNG
    3.Once u do that go near wild Pokemon so u can battle them to learn exp.At the Top middle u can see the notification of what your Pokemon is doing.Quick reminder : Make sure when u are gonna fight wild pokemon make sure ur pokemon is near you cause wild Pokemon can attack u and u will be Teleported into Pokemon Center. 13.PNG
    4. How to catch Pokemon.At the bottom right u see Your blue bag once u click it u see what items u have. On Pokemon mart u can buy 1 Pokeball for 200c each once u do that go to the wild Pokemon u want to catch click your bag click Pokeball and click on the Pokemon u want.
    14.PNG 5.How to know how your Pokemon is gaining exp and when he's ready to attack.U can see at top right your Pokemon have 3 bars on it The green one is the health. Blue one is the exp.and Red one is when he's ready to launch attack usually your Pokemon attack when the red bar is at max. 14.PNG
    6.How to earn coins. There is many method on how u can earn coins but for newbies this is the easy method. Catch wurmples or caterpie and evolve them to there last evolution basically it only takes 3 level to do that and then u sell it to professor aspen in the lab . Each Beutifly and Buterfree cost around 3k each.
    Next method is catch high level wild Pokemon and sell them to professor aspen.
    7. How to go to next town. Basically there is Pokemon rise maps that can help you to go to next town or the town u really want to go.U can find the maps on Discord of pokemon rise.
    If u don't know how to read maps i recommend u to ask your friend or some players to help you.Quick reminder : when u go to other town i recommend u to heal there so u get *Checkpoint*. For example when wild Pokemon attack u. u be teleported into that town u where into and not the main town.
    8. How to change your Team. Go to Pokemon center and ant top left and top right in Pokemon center u see the stoarage click on it and change the pokemon u want to change. If it dosen't work on the first time pls refresh and try again. nn.PNG
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