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    Read the getting started pop up as you enter the game this only pops up once so if you are one of the many many who don't read it and just close it this guild will help you learn the game.

    1. click poke ball top right to get out your Pokemon.
    2. walk near wild pokemon to attack them with your pokemon.
    3. pokemon learn moves only when you refresh after a certain lvl up lvl i.e lvl 7 for ember.
    4.bottom right are important things you'll need such as friends,music, map and emotes. pokeball in your inventory to use it then click pokemon to throw it.
    red bar is health blue is experience and red is adrenaline meaning pokes can only attack when the red bar is full it also resets when entering next area/buildings
    6. items are used the same way as pokeballs click the item from inventory then click pokemon.
    there are no friendship,day/night time or trade evolution's yet.
    to confirm a trade you tick the 2 little white boxes u see during the trade.
    Pokemon will evolve by being the right level and you clicking a green tick which pops up middle of the screen if you miss it you just have to lvl up again to get it back.
    7.catch pokemon and sell them to the Lab for cash this and the lotto are only ways to make money officially.

    Gyms are used for pvp (player vs player) there are no rewards right now for holding one but will be one day.
    you can place a pokemon to defend the gym you've captured by talking tot he NPC in the gyms last room or the lady at the desk apon entering the gym. the pokemon you place to defend will no longer be in your party until its killed off when that happens it will go back to your pc in the pokecentre a simple refresh of the game can show it in there
    There is a ignore command and a profanity filter to stop swearing /ignore usernamegoeshere

    this is all i can think of please fill free to comment anything i have missed :)
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    It's faster to catch Wurmple from Blueleaf town, evolve them, and sell them for a good amount of money if you're new to the game.
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    It's a nice start! Some other things that might be helpful to mention:

    -If you wander too far from your Pokemon a wild Pokemon might attack you directly and send you to the Pokemon center, even if the Pokemon you sent out still had HP.
    -Click on an item again to stop using it (so new people don't accidentally chuck Pokeballs at everything they didn't intend to catch.)
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