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    Pokémon cute off

    I'm in
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    Closed darkboi23 First Ever Tournament

    OH I'm dumb I reread rules to make sure that i got everything legal and ready and I read the no pokes of same species when I trained 4 beedrill I guess I'm out :(
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    Play Pokemon Rise!! Promo Video

    Why is the channel picture a yugioh character?
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    Pokémon Snake Game

    Why did it go from flareon to chikorita?
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    rare candies

    wdym? I don't understand this question?
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    chansey giveaway orders

    I haven't gotten one but I've already ordered no rush though
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    Clan Centurio

    Hey mike is there any special job I can do once I get my computer fixed?
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    Closed .

    :( Maybe you can help me with mine chansey?
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    Ult1ma's Trade Collection (Updated)

    Anyone take Luxray gold iv yet? I'll trade my purp iv druddigon for it
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    Closed Just a catching tournament

    Also I have a purple iv druddigon lvl 53 I'll give to first place
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    Closed Just a catching tournament

    We can reschedule if needed^
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    Team Rise Awoken

    Am I interupting something?
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