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  1. Brad

    This game should have more mods look at the screen shot :)

    Banned all your accounts.
  2. Brad

    Closed Changing username

    No username changes are not something we are going to allow.
  3. Brad

    pfft there were no rules on this

    You really thought it would be okay to have that as your guild name? If you're so confident throwing that word around, please send me a video of you going out in public and saying it. Then you'd see how much of an idiot you are. "Oh it's not in the rule" - proves that you're just an immature...
  4. Brad

    Players Total Exp. LEADERBOARD !

    Could do it for the players lineup.
  5. Brad

    shiny charm in game

    Won't work in this game as wild Pokemon are not spawned for users, they are randomly spawned so a shiny charm wouldn't serve any purpose.
  6. Brad

    Closed Friendship

    Not really good suggestion you didn't provide any alternative methods on how to make it easier. It is easy enough now, you just walk around with your Pokemon out, and let them faint other Pokemon; or you can catch a Pokemon with a friendball to speed up the process.
  7. Brad

    Closed Cant log in

    Which browser are you using? If you have adblock please try turning that off
  8. Brad

    Closed Pixel Art Text

    Pixel art would make it extremely hard to read and would look horrible. Not changing.
  9. Brad

    for groot

    Petty response. You're the one who appears to be blind, saying there is no rule that prohibits account sharing then you go on to paste the rules where of them literally says: +1 for the stupidity this one almost takes the cake!
  10. Brad

    Closed Black screen Forever

    We're not getting hacked... Our host provider did some work on them and I wasn't awake when it came back up to restart the server.
  11. Brad

    Closed sign in problem in forums

    Not an issue, just use your username.
  12. Brad

    Closed Quick question

    We're not making an app.
  13. Brad

    Hey everyone! I'm back!

    Why post this in Suggestions...
  14. Brad

    Closed Alternate accounts

    Wrong. There are other ways too. This would be too much work for not a great pay off so it doesn't really make sense.
  15. Brad


    It takes time as it needs to be verified against paypal aswell, i can see it has gone through properly, any purchases from now on should be within 5-10 mins.
  16. Brad

    Closed Game not working?

    Not much we can do as she is the only user experiencing these issues. Maybe try a newer browser? Make sure it's up too date.
  17. Brad

    Closed Game not working?

    Turn off ad-blocker, looks like it's blocking some assets from loading.
  18. Brad

    Closed Bring Google Pay Back For Payment

    Was never added and probably won't be added, Paypal is the safest and the best way for us.
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