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    Pokemon fusions

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    Pokemon hangman

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    Continue the story

    going to the afterworld
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    when ur bday -,-
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    Continue the story

    gime a bagon,, continuing the story, he founds a shiny bagon!
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    HW pokemon list

    ty :D
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    Whats you best rise story?

    ok so its not mine logically but, i thot of the proff aspen theory.. proff collects poke to illegaly breed them again and again until it gets shiny or smthin different from them, the useless pokes he thinks, are released to the wild for us to catch, he sells the great pokemon he breeds to some...
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    i am ready for them, but please elaborate the prize thing, such as for 1st, second, 3rd and timings..
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    ill tell ya some time later, as i am busy irl
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    i got some starters~ mainly litten, and alot safari pokes fs
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    night mod lol

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    Closed [Official] October Battle Tourney [Registrations Closed]

    can u pls tell some time before, cuz what if the player isnt available
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    looking for magby hippopotas , roggenrola or their evos, will overpay must be good tho and selling rare candies
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    It can be undone spawnkng good iv common iv things and despawning them in some time, it wouldn't do much damage, uc pokes with good iv would be more rare, and then the legendary would be even more
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    softkitty 💫

    Na, if a figyt breaks in, which usually does, the next weeks' period gets banned
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    real chances could be added to them, while mostly being uc or common pokes, and that to randomised for example a ratatata spawned in non-ratatata tile... 20 mins later the ratatata gone and duskull spawned in some non-duskull tile, this kinda will make it balanced, and further addition could be...
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    yesh, totally agree, spawning uc poke with high set ivs (start from blue), chances of it being shiny, and a high-level difficult-catch legendary whose spawn rates are nerfed and can perfrom great atcks would be nice... spawning it every6-8-10 hours would be good... and if tht is a bit buff, we...
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