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  1. Brad

    My Pokes are lost

    Can you tell me what Pokemon?
  2. Brad

    Ban Appeal

    It's your account, anything that happens on your account you're held accountable for it.
  3. Brad

    Closed Saving shiny kills while grinding for it! (Keeping dialogue box saying " do u really wish to kill it")

    Perfectly explained. Will not be adding or changing anything.
  4. Brad

    Ban Appeal

    You were banned by Mike because your school was spamming he than unbanned you then you continued to be a pain. Wait until Mike sees this, he'll sort it out.
  5. Brad

    Ban Appeal

    What do you mean your class in school was spamming?
  6. Brad

    Closed Wahhhh

    Rules are rules, bug reports are meant to be posted on forums or on the Discord server, you've been warned multiple times in the past and again warned multiple times by staff to remove this but you didn't. You will be unbanned in a week. If you wish to further discuss please message me on the...
  7. Brad

    Solved Glitch in 15,-8

  8. Brad

    Magnetic Field

    Building needs to match the other buildings eg. Border around the building etc. Other than that it looks good. I'd rather have a map type that these Pokemon could evolve on, just hard to think of an area that could be used.
  9. Brad

    Closed Wahhhh

  10. Brad

    Can't Login

    Logout properly then try again
  11. Brad

    Ban Appeal

    Next time it'll be perm, dont waste our time please.
  12. Brad

    ban apeal

    It is not possible to have the same account open twice.
  13. Brad

    Player Descriptions

    This does not offer any actual benefit at all, it adds another thing for staff to moderate. I dont see how this is useful in anyway way.
  14. Brad

    Pokémon Eggs

    We do have plans to add breeding & eggs into the game, we've started with the total steps etc. But time is not working with us at the moment so there is no estimate on when it'll be done.
  15. Brad


    We're not adding music to the game, would add a longer load time to the game and is rather annoying for most players.
  16. Brad

    ban appeal

    So you needed to use 16 accounts to greater your chances of winning the lottery, to trade Pokemon you got from the "shop" and you also used it to abuse the events that we put out. If you can list all 16 accounts I will unban your account, if you cannot, the accounts will stay banned.
  17. Brad

    ban appeal

    Why do you need 16 accounts? There is no need to even have 2 let alone 16... Why do you think it's fine to have 16 active accounts?
  18. Brad


    You can duel other plays in the battle hall or the guild, it becomes to difficult if we make it available anywhere.
  19. Brad

    black screen

    Looks like the ports at your college are blocked, you'd need to speak to someone in IT.
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