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    Add gen 7 boxes

    We need all them gen 7’s add the boxes I know the sprites must be done for them can’t wait for it gotta complete the dex and all the Megas ☺️
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    Mods in leaderboard

    I feel it shouldn't matter if your a mod or not i think mods should be able to be on the leaderboard as they work as hard as the premium and normal players in rise.
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    What is left to be done to make rise a bit better i would say mounts i feel like the game would feel brand new and different again maybe in game could have some and the best ones in premium shop like groundon kyogre etc in game would be like gogoat rhydon etc again its just a suggestion i feel...
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    Tester Role

    You should make a tester role where it’s like a mod role but only for testing new items that drop or added in game to verify if it’s working properly and fits will in the game the name should be in purple like you have added in player card use that purple it would like nice for a tester role I...
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