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  1. Brad

    Guild Leaders

    Hello, Due to some guilds being ran by inactive players we're going to give the next person down from the leader the main leader role for the guild. We will only be doing this until the end of January 2020. If the guild leader is inactive please see below. Please make sure that you meet...
  2. Brad

    Read Before Posting

    If you've been banned and want to appeal, please copy the template below and create a new thread, wait until a staff member responds, if any other users reply to the threads they will be deleted and warned. Username: Ban Type: Why do you think you where banned: Who banned you: Why should you be...
  3. Brad

    Pokemon Rise Rules

    Rules & Guidelines. Account Rules: Multiple accounts are permitted, but under no circumstances are they allowed to interact with each other, nor are they permitted to be logged on at the same time. This includes, but not limited to: • Trading items/Pokémon in-between accounts, including via...
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