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  1. FogMint100


    Greetings, I'm FogMint100, and I've been playing Rise since about January 2019. I'd never thought of making an intro before (to be honest, there's nothing interesting about this teenager which could be paraphrased in a single post), but as many have already posted about themselves, I guess I'll...
  2. FogMint100


    I'd suggest a feature which enables us to log-in by hitting the 'enter' key.
  3. FogMint100

    A trade scam

    I wanted to know whether it's possible to report a trade scam, though I know the word "scam" could be quite exaggerated as a trade could be taken place only with the consent of both the users. However, I'm reporting herewith a scam, just in case, for the perusal of the staff. A user traded me...
  4. FogMint100

    Unable to message users

    I'm unable to message an user, the server notifies me that the user has blocked me. However, they are able to read my messages, I just am not able to 'directly message' the user. Also, they have clarified that they has not blocked me ( A friend asked them on my behalf). Please look into the...
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