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  1. Yuvetal

    Im sad about two things...😓😓😓

    Im sad about two things...😓😓😓
  2. Yuvetal

    Whats you best rise story?

  3. Yuvetal

    Whats you best rise story?

    Im too jealous... Brad helps newbies ig... But he never helped me😭😭
  4. Yuvetal

    Automatic disconnection

    Whenever I login .. its showing server abruptly disconnected... And after I reload its working. Then when i enter new buildings or go to othe maps.. its showing get failed... If i reload... Its showing server aburptly disconnected. Even when i reload after that its continuing. Then i had to...
  5. Yuvetal

    Whats you best rise story?

    I was told this game by my bro(almost all would know who is it. ). My first account was ajith005 ... I used to create many alts(mike knows it) but those i really played are pokefans, idoit, and yuvetal(yuvetal2 also ofc).one mike told me to stop this. Then i did. I was vey eager in paticipating...
  6. Yuvetal

    softkitty 💫

    Hoi kitty UwU nice to meet u
  7. Yuvetal

    Pokemon Uno

    Zekrom dragon, electric black full black 🖤🖤
  8. Yuvetal

    Pokemon Quiz #1

    7. Keyro 8.mike 9.3 1.brad 3. Happiness 5.mike 6
  9. Yuvetal

    Closed Battle Tournament: Gateway Of The Trickster

    Can you make the date as 18 january cuz I am free at that date....
  10. Yuvetal

    Pokémon Snake Game

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