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    Suggestions for pokemon rise and ideas

    Old players finding good pokemon? I guess I'm a new player then... If u ignore my step count.
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    Waiting for Players The Collector tournament

    You sure about this Kage? You have already lost a lot of things in the last tournament. I would'nt be able to handle it if I won and took basically all you have left in the game.
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

    natu ;)
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Adding more TM's/items to the mart

    Would be cool to have hms too, like waterfall and surf could be useful moves as most physical water pokemon have only the choice between aqua tail and crabhammer as of right not. Surf would be a good aoe for water pokemon.
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    story 2

    A beaver
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    Cuz u know it's numba one
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    Mike Theory(100% Clickbait)

    Huh, so you decided to read this even though I said 100% clickbait. Well, I'll start off by saying this isn't just any theory, lads. This is truly the DTYHEH(Dumbest Thing You Have Ever Heard.) So definitely worth your time(not). The Mike you know is a beautiful zombie with a pidgey on his head...
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    The Search For Tyranitar

    As many of you know, Tyranitar is my favorite pokemon and I'm looking for one. Everyone I asked seems to have traded away a Tyranitar, but doesn't actually have one. If you do have a Tyranitar, please say so in a reply to this thread or pm in Rise. Thank you.
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    Pokémon Snake Game

    entei :p mike
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    Closed DPK9 swore

    It's not too much of a deal, he just said the f word without the u.
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    story 2

    alright, story ended, we can delete this thread now
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    story 2

    The old man died and got reincarnated as a tomato. The tomato was used to make a pizza at Mike's restaurant. One day, the old man's son ordered some pizza...not gonna elaborate what happened next.
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    Solved Dark theme option on forums

    Lol there's something called high contrast mode, ctrl+search+h.
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