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  1. Deedu

    Idk why but i can't log the rise

    Idk why but i can't log the rise
  2. Deedu

    Team Sky Arisen

    Rec why u jjst talking with enemies
  3. Deedu

    this is my drawing of Pachirisu

    Thats a good skovet :)
  4. Deedu

    Closed Pokemaster56's tourney

    Umm why 140 alsobanned!!??
  5. Deedu

    level up = full hp

    If a pokemon evolves it get full hp at here so why suggesting this
  6. Deedu

    Can we have a list with pokemon +stones

    Umm in anime no starters has evolved by stones -_- u can check it. Only some pokemons evolved by stones and they only can evo by stones. Eevee and pikachu evolves by stone if we say in starters. And here u can evo them by stones too
  7. Deedu

    Hall of Skems

    75k for blue iv jangmo o
  8. Deedu

    Pokemon snake game (HARDER VERSION)

  9. Deedu

    Pokémon Snake Game

  10. Deedu

    Hall of Skems

    20k for froakie
  11. Deedu

    Pokémon Snake Game

  12. Deedu

    Closed Team AURA Mini Tourney

  13. Deedu

    YourWish going away give away

    hmm i try to be there and i will miss u:cry:
  14. Deedu

    Closed Yuvetal's mini tourney

    Sed i just have 1 lvl 1s
  15. Deedu

    Closed Yuvetal's mini tourney

    Hmm first let me check in pc do i have enough
  16. Deedu


  17. Deedu

    Closed .

    Chansey, name Legendtrainer other than deedu k?
  18. Deedu

    Closed A KaluX Mini Tourney

    Wait a min, daking vs kageyoshi's winner darkboi?? Also darkboi vs angle winner is kageyoshi lol u changed it
  19. Deedu

    Pokémon Snake Game

    Azelf not starts with e lol
  20. Deedu

    Closed .

    Guess im in let me check the storage do i have mons ^-^'
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