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    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    u gotta fill the registration form
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    Quest List (Updated on 10-8-2020)

    @All Quest list has been updated. In case there are any additional quests, please comment here so that we can add them to the list!
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    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    Last day to register peeps!
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    EV Training Zone

    So basically the suggestion is to put an building in the towns similar to safari zone except that users pay money and will be sent to a map where they can EV train. I do understand that EV training isn't too hard given that every map regeneration has few maps that are good enough for EV...
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    Game Updates

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    Hall of Skems

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    Closed Guild Wars: Clan Centurio X Galaxy

    Tournament Finals: Ishita and Kyreo33 Vs Pokestar789 and GK - Ishita and Kyreo33 win 8-6
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    Closed l'm really really sorry for what l did l was doing a dare and l frgot to say it was a dare im really really sorry:(

    okay, just so that you know why you're banned, the reason is you asking someone else to swear in global as part of a T or D game you've played with them - 1 day ban for this and additional 2 days for those whom you've asked to appeal on your behalf so your total ban duration is 3 days from now...
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    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    Registrations so far: DragonFire123 PokeDan686 XPhantom REv3ng3 Ash59daag Jameyboy2002 JustMonika Anj1998 varnitgr8 Piplupandme DaOneSwagger shrynsh007 Xmen1740e pokestar789 tamizha smash18 Kyreo33 Fear_Origami_Kartana warviking xXLegacyWolfXx Glitch2005 Vraknoch Ambrosia kenkaneki17 GK...
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    Closed Ban appeal

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    Closed Using Bad words and Inappropriate Words In Global Chat

    thanks for reporting, user has been chat banned
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    Closed please unban me

    unbanned, please don't spam or trade in global again :)
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    Closed please unban me

    you will be unbanned in 3 hours, provided your silent for this duration, else your ban gets extended :)
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    How to Improve Guild System

    How about showing the transactions in a separate tab? With the number of gyms being captured after current update, its tough to scroll and see what has happened to the guild money. If we can have a separate tab for that, members can check the transactions easily and can be aware of whats...
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    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    ye and just for the same reason i'd still like to keep it. But if majority would want that rule to scrapped, i'm fine with it too. Don't see much of a problem with that rule in place given the number of options we have currently. Pretty sure even if it gets removed there would be barely anyone...
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    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    Hello everyone, Its time for the announcement of August Battle Tournament. Restrictions: No legendries, pseudo-legendries & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild or must have been obtained from completing...
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    war's sort by favourite Pokémon idea

    i like the idea 😃
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    Closed Unnecessary pm and use of rude statements

    i've already told you yesterday to block if someone is troubling you :)
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