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  1. ChefMike

    Daily Rewards

    daily reward is either 1k, 3k or 5k cash, or 1 gold. there's no streak to it, its a random one of those 4 rewards. looks like op is asking for rewards that improve with consecutive logins.
  2. ChefMike

    Closed Fence Trap

    its a recurrent issue on start island, which unless you've caught two poke and can get prof to send you to the main map, i think still requires staff intervention. it's not 'stuck in tree lag', viking, the x and y on the tile that they're set to return to when fainting ends up putting them...
  3. ChefMike

    New Mega Evolution Suggestions

    not sure what part of my post you misread, naruto, perhaps it was this part?
  4. ChefMike

    New Mega Evolution Suggestions

    there's a few threads in the artist section where we tracked down and/or made sprites for all the megas and many alternative forms (castform's weather forms, alternate lycanroc evos etc). they'll be added at some point :)
  5. ChefMike

    Mega Stone Missing

    sceptile's mega stone is not yet implemented, so you used a stone for a different pokemon. it is lost.
  6. ChefMike

    Hall of Skems

    6 box exeggcute an eggbox worth of box egg ty, RNG
  7. ChefMike

    Hall of Skems

    gyarados for snivy reshiram for 10m, registeel & heatran
  8. ChefMike

    Closed Ban appeal

    what part of non-negotiable didnt you understand? see also chaitugss' post above
  9. ChefMike

    Closed l'm really really sorry for what l did l was doing a dare and l frgot to say it was a dare im really really sorry:(

    i've editted your status post into the appeal. i dont know about the rest of the team but i know i've been warning you a lot recently over spam and general stupidity.
  10. ChefMike

    Closed Ban appeal

    sorry but this here is non-negotiable
  11. ChefMike

    Prof Aspen theory

    he claims it's for "research" but he just hungry magikarp tastes bad, hence the negative sell value
  12. ChefMike

    Pokemon Moves Suggestions

    why would you teach dig to a charizard though
  13. ChefMike

    Closed Ban appeal

    by your own admission you created all these accounts to gain an unfair monetary advantage over others who don't abuse the system, so no, you can have one account back, and one only. any assets that remain on the others will be lost to you, as will be a percentage of the ill-gotten money on the...
  14. ChefMike

    Closed Ban appeal

    pick one account to be unbanned later. five alts banned for abusing multiple accounts, and you're asking for two to be unbanned? not terribly smart, that.
  15. ChefMike

    Closed please unban me

    i warned you several times yesterday about spamming and using global for trading, why did you carry on today?
  16. ChefMike

    Waiting for Players August Battle Tournament

    when i set up my first tourney most PVP was just the same dozen tryhard poke, the restrictions i added were to encourage more variety (use your favourites), but this duplicate rule was kinda redundant because many of the possibilities were still box-only at the time.
  17. ChefMike

    Nature modifier and 1 iv reroll (for holding gym awards)

    getting to select the specific IVs that are rerolled would be considerably more beneficial than the current reroll-all that we have. also i think natures still arent affecting stats, but mints would be nice if/when they do.
  18. ChefMike

    Hi I am Aethlachil

    bienvenue! ^_^
  19. ChefMike

    Closed Unnecessary pm and use of rude statements

    that's what block is for
  20. ChefMike

    how long is a piece of string .-.

    how long is a piece of string .-.
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