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    Few Suggestion

    Hoi everyone, I got some new suggestions that could make the game even more fun to play • Guild Quests: Guild Quests could be held every 3 or 4 months... There would be many tasks that a player has to complete and get points... The points from all the players from a Guild are collected...
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    Can we have a list with pokemon +stones

    Already exist in Player Guide section of the forums
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    New sprites for possibly to be in game

    Well can we make sunglasses ??
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Closed GIVEAWAY

    👍 I am there...don't forget me
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    Pokémon Snake Game

    Alolan Meowth
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    Sh00t shoppie 0.2

    What for the eevee??
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    minor visual issue

    Hmm....this is the actual reason....secondary effects does not do anything in the it says its ineffective
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    The Story of Bank

    The hero Phoenix Phazz is not active XD
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    The Story of Bank

    Ig there should be no other means communication...other than the portal....this would just make a create a Suspense in the story
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    The Story of Bank

    *Meanwhile In the Earth* *Well nothing Serious Happened to Principal's wife.....just a Cockroach entered the kitchen* Principal*Killing The Cockroach*: HOW DARE YOU TO DISTURB SWETIE.....Now you can cook freely....btw I am really Straving Principal's Wife: Don't worry....I am almost finished...
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    Game Center

    Ig its not required because Rise is already a Fun game......maybe this could be a complex thing.....cause we could just kill pokes....get money.....and buy tms and evo stones......wht's easier than that??
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    Things That Would Make Rise Better.....

    Finding 150 through know....would take atleast a gold comes very rare.....99% lotto are for money......adding box-only pokes in wild and making them rare would be better
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    Things That Would Make Rise Better.....

    So here are my suggestions which would make Rise Better... • Making Box Pokes accessible to players: There are some pokes that are available for real money only.....It would be better if the Box pokes are spawn in wild....they could be made rare like pseudos For Special Evolution-line Pokes like...
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    The Story of Bank

    Pls read this @PheonixPaz @MaxRutt and @DragonPlayz30YT before continuing.....if you don't like it I would Delete it
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    The Story of Bank

    Adding some Cardamom to this story...: *@MaxRutt enters the detention room (because of coming later)* MaxRutt(murmering): Seriously this is the worst school I ever saw.....Detention for Coming LATE!! @DargonPlayz30YT: So you are here too....ig you are new MaxRutt: Yeah its my First Day...
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    Then we will relax.... B)

    Then we will relax.... B)
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    I need some directions of the tiles. (where the pokemon can be found exactly)

    You can try to find Oshawott in 4,1... Ralts is box, spawn or event only.... Spheals are common in Safari.
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