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  1. venxd

    This game should have more mods look at the screen shot :)

  2. venxd

    pokemon erosion

    a little something i and some players did for fun;);););):love::love::love:
  3. venxd

    trainer and pokemon

    Feel free to post yours. post a picture that bonds you with your pokemon
  4. venxd

    Closed REQUEST!

    could we pls a pokemon battle theme song in BATTLE HALL to make battling more interesting, Thanks:sneaky:(y)
  5. venxd

    trainer and pokemon

    in-game name VENXD
  6. venxd

    Pls consider!!

    Recently we,ve been seeing a lot of changes in pokemon sprite and i want to say keep up the good work(y). But i suggest that haxorus,gallade and tyranitar sprite be changed as those guys are few inches taller than pikachu xD:cry:. and pls i know you guys are planning on adding more mega,s in the...
  7. venxd

    Pokémon Snake Game

  8. venxd


    Thats good to hear, thanks GROOT
  9. venxd


    i wanna make a suggestion about mega gardevoir which will be a great asset to many of players as gadevoir excels in the taking down of fighting and dragon types which are mostly and popularly used in pokemon rise. its so sad to see a mega lucario and no mega gardevoir:cry::cry:, THANKS
  10. venxd

    Team battle feature in battle hall

    this is a good suggestion(y)
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  12. venxd

    Safari - All About Safari

    Thanks for the details:love::love:
  13. venxd

    Closed New Years Giveaway.(canceled)

    Nvm anyways, its okay(y)
  14. venxd

    Closed New Years Giveaway.(canceled)

    Disqualified? why?:unsure::mad::unsure:
  15. venxd

    Closed Friendship

    plus the method of gaining friendship is fun and make,s you know the value of a pokemon thats needs it for evolution
  16. venxd


  17. venxd

    Merry Christmas 3 mil giveaway

  18. venxd

    Mega Stones

  19. venxd

    if you cant make them see the light, make them feel the heat

    if you cant make them see the light, make them feel the heat
  20. venxd

    Mega Stones

    i think that there should be a shop where they sell mega stones but it should be purchased with a lot of cash ( $1-2m poke cash),THANKS:unsure::unsure::unsure:
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