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  1. Mike

    Pokemon Daycare

    when IV rerolls exist, there doesn't seem like there's much incentive to potentially sacrifice shinies in the hopes that the better IVs will pass over. rerolls are expensive but by no means inaccessible. this suggest breeding system has too many drawbacks for too little, and too random, a benefit.
  2. Mike

    Pokemon Daycare

    you'd be paying this NPC to take 2 pokémon, maybe give you your shiny back, but more than half the time give you your non-shiny back. i think you spent too much time on what the NPC might look like and not enough time on whether using it would actually be worthwhile (the benefits you describe...
  3. Mike

    I make 3-d Pokemon cards

    do it with base set holo charizard
  4. Mike

    Pokemon Daycare

    sacrificing any shiny for any non-1/1 odds of the same shiny is not insane?
  5. Mike

    black screen

    sometimes the blackscreen issue lasts a while. try again now, it seems to have sorted itself out.
  6. Mike

    Smol shop

    same but for the orange skrelp
  7. Mike

    Can't evolve magneton to magnezone using thunder stone

    non gen 8 pokémon use gen 7 data. the thunderstone evolution for magneton charjabug and nosepass was a gen 8 addition. with no magnetic field areas existing either, they were added to the list of pokémon the suspicious shopper summery mentions as a workaround.
  8. Mike

    Pokemon Daycare Center & Soothe Bell

    +1 happy for 250 trainer steps, +1 on level up (not when using rare candy), -1 if the pokémon faints; catch in friend ball for starting happy of 200 instead of base happiness, trading resets happiness *down* to base (down to 200 if friend balled) happy evo requires happy stat of 220+ closing...
  9. Mike

    i hate this game now

    describe how you "kept glitching out" and why you entered ten times to receive the same issues?
  10. Mike

    I keep getting stuck

    stuck in prof's fence unfortunately does require mod assistance, ye
  11. Mike

    Axew , bulbasaur , squirtle and others (buying)

    if you see me online hit me up for an axew they're so common i give them away as free false swipers to newbies
  12. Mike

    saling pokemons

    player hasnt logged in for nearly 2 years. pay attention to dates on posts.
  13. Mike

    unable to message other players

    thats not a bug, thats just what happens when you're chat banned
  14. Mike

    Pokemon locator

    in the location guide thread, pinned to the top of the guides section.
  15. Mike

    now looking for Kabuto

    while the location guide doesn't have a coordinate for them, shellder aren't that rare; this is a ridiculously high offer for one.
  16. Mike

    faulty chat blocking

    the filter has a scunthorpe problem and ignores spaces. avoid saying things like "an altaria" or "prof aspen is" etc.
  17. Mike

    Guild Officers

    anyone can donate, only leaders being able to spend is deliberate (wahh i promoted the wrong person and now i've got no money wahh) guild level only affects chat tag and member limit, once you've got a tag (is a guild a guild if it doesn't have a chat tag? any leader worth their salt will raise...
  18. Mike


    if only there was a guide that told you where the lootballs are and what items they contain
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  20. Mike

    Female Yampers.

    not a tournament. moving to market.
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