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    Adding Ok command in faint box and close in iv window

    Sometimes the faint dialogue box gets above the window on mobiles. It would be great if there is an ok command button which closes the window at the end of the box.
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    Quest List (Updated on 10-8-2020)

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    Details of recently caught pokemon

    It would be great if there was a 3-4 seconds notification, Rectangular, on the right side that shows the level, iv, and the below said details on just caught pokemon.
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    Enabling/Disabling Exp Share

    As Exp share levels up pokemon faster, it is hard to EV train pokemon which needs a level limit. For eg: Ev training a Tourney Pokemon is hard as it keeps earning exp while clearing the other unwanted pokemon in the wild.
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    some of my pokemon's ivs changed

    i know trucid, i was adding my problem to the forum
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    some of my pokemon's ivs changed

    its not normal to have the exact same ivs. I had ev trained all my lvl 100 pokemons and now there ev seems to came back to random numbers
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    Closed Mega Evolution : Revert back to Normal

    I suggest it would be more good if we could; 1. Use mega stone as a holding item for evolution 2. if we take back the stone, pokemon revert back to normal form 3. Add blazekein's Mega, i'm waiting for that since megas were released in rise
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    ride your invetory pokemons to buy a sadle for ride a pokemon from you team for ride this pokemon to have lvl50

    first of all, it needs too much work to add all those spirits. second of all, there's no difference(we can run by holding shift), if we could change pokemon to normal and riding , i say we work on using Mega Stone as a hold item with revert back the evolution when we take out the stone
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    Safari Zone

    and hate riolu being a spawn!!! :p
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    Blocked ppl shouldn't be able to see player card

    Exactly something i'm looking for. Thank you brad. i would really appreciate it
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    Solved Making Clan battles And giving rewards for the Clan which is holding town for longer time!!

    After the gym update, rise will sure be one heck of pokemon game. Giving purpose for spending time makes any game relevant and fun. Rise is a game with good elements and i think gym update will spice it up a lot more.
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    Move Evolution

    I suggest we add an NPC just like Move tutor in Lab, which says, "Hey I'm Evolution Expert [Name of NPC] , i can help your pokemon evolve who requires to learn a specific move to evolve.Do your [Pokemon Name] knows [Move name needed to evolve]? Select - "Yes or No" Great!! You pokemon can be...
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    Closed Music

    Now thats thinking outside the box
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    Player Descriptions

    guess moderation can be a bit of a problem as some of the current GYM names feels a little awkward.
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    comfey spawned last day, if they are in game, brad prob. gonna spawn em in a few months. there is a vikavolt with a player who evolved during the bug and tsareena can be server spawned na. Spawn em MIke :p, I know you got the juice:cool:
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    Player Descriptions

    spam? a space with 15 characters limit can make spam???
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    New Gen. pokemons are kinda rare huh. i bet someone will finish em
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    Haha, you are almost there Anj1998. U can complete it
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    Player Descriptions

    That seems good.
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    I'm personally not a fan of clembot
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