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  1. warviking

    Teleporter Tags

    that will just make things way too easy and the game will just be mindless clicking with no thought going into anything
  2. warviking

    Solved Can’t get in game

    hmmm... that account is banned you will have to fill in a Ban Appeals to try and get that back
  3. warviking

    Solved Can’t get in game

    This is a web browser game meant for PC users, if using any other device other than a PC then you may have trouble but if you are using PC try using a different browser. if it's still a problem feel free to post again and give us the username of your brothers account so we can double check the...
  4. warviking

    Worship the Karp God, Where a Karp hat, And Join The Karp Clan

    if i keep seeing this posted every were, your going to be banned from the forum
  5. warviking

    Lotto Glitch

    it was Anugrahp2008b who won the lotto today, not you antifaze
  6. warviking

    Closed Able to trade gold

    multi-account farming/abuse
  7. warviking

    guide for new players

    until next map re-gen and it all changes again
  8. warviking

    Gold rushes maybe?

    The gold rate is at a healthy level right now and any changes will either create influx in shinys lowering their worth or make gold impossible to get hold of. so no not happening
  9. warviking

    Closed Forum register

    your new account was "3catspam" so use that ones login details to login to the forum
  10. warviking

    guide for new players

    The paragraph structure is a bit off, with a few typos and punctuation errors Also most kids need it to be dumbed down a bit more than that but its a good start. like: How to catch pokes click on the red and blue bag icon in the top Right, click the ball category click on a ball then click on...
  11. warviking

    Teleportation and Building Problems

    some handheld devices have trouble loading the game (black screen) I had the same problem with my mum's Amazon fire tablet, when I was testing to see what the game was like on tablets and phones but it did work fine on her lenovo tablets tho, unfortunately not much can be done as it's a PC...
  12. warviking

    Teleportation and Building Problems

    what device are you playing on ?
  13. warviking

    Almost Everyone needs this

    negative value is coz the prof gets a lot of them XD
  14. warviking

    Almost Everyone needs this

    "add a Restaurant" what and confirm professor Aspen has been killing and cook all the pokes you sell him lol ...Na but now i'm hungry thanks to go see if aspen got any more griled karp with mashed Bounsweet and a Applin & Foongus gravy XD
  15. warviking

    Closed rescue operation needed

    Don't waste our time with false bug reports or your ban will be extended and as your ban is for a Pokémon stealing scam, the extension would be an IP ban
  16. warviking

    Closed Black screen

    #announcements Brad: Game may be down for some, main server is experiencing some issues.
  17. warviking

    Won't Let me Chat....

    hi, there are no active bans on your account right now but the issue may be to do with the server Host. a lot of other players have been having similar issues unfortunately we don't have a fix for it on our end and we are hoping /waiting for the host to fix the server issues being experienced...
  18. warviking

    magnetic field

    moss stone XD
  19. warviking


    Berries are a long way off from ever being added. especially as half of the normal Mart items haven't even been fully added yet
  20. warviking

    magnetic field

    I don't think this will ever happen as we're more likely to get a new Stone to evo the pokes
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