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  1. warviking

    war's sort by favourite Pokémon idea

    First let me start with adknowledge the rise in recent missing Pokémon, which from self study have been caused by Player error or player latency issues and not by server data. Unfortunately getting back the Pokémon you may have lost is left up to the devs, So I've been working on a solution to...
  2. warviking

    V3 War viking's clothes template for pixel art

    For players that want to create pixel art clothes, attached is a zip folder full of templates meant for use with gimp and Photoshop, the same can be found on the discord pinned under the art tab. Templates layers includes: Hats hair tops bottoms shoes basic wings basic cape all should be in...
  3. warviking

    learn move Evolutions work around and more

    1.learn move Evolutions are obviously a pain in the bottom to code so why not make an item to give to the Pokémon like how Evolution stone works. give it the icon of a TM and think of a good name like "disk of requirements" and put it in the mart for 5k cash. 2.Also can you plz add in King's...
  4. warviking

    gym gold & influx of shinies

    To slow the influx of shinies, I propose only making gym gold a thing on weekends. also add more pokes to the gold shop list
  5. warviking

    bill's PC storage tabs

    add Tabs to the PC to help with organisation of player pokes, and I can already see some of the bugs that can occur with a lab/junk tab but with some spit and polish, i can see it being a better alternative then slowly taking six Pokémon to the lab to sell, it could auto open the players...
  6. warviking

    help chat box

    add a help chat tab to make it easyer for mods and player to ask/talk with out the cry for help getting lost in fast pase global chat, see pic attachment below.
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