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    TM suggestion

    when u click on the TM in mart it shows the cost but if it can also show some info about it like acc and power it would be easier to know what u want
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    Closed lab selling suggestion

    sometimes u want to sell certain pokes and there is no search bar to search them up, if u can add a search bar it would be easier to find the pokemon ur trying to sell
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    Closed i keep walking different directions

    i keep walking different directions when i only try to go up
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    Closed iv switching

    some people sometimes want the iv stat of something to switch with the other one if there can be something called iv switching to switch the iv it would be good
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    Closed clothing

    in the capes section in clothing shop it would be nice if u can put snow flakes on with ur wings
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    gyms it does not tell u what gym they capture sometimes and sometimes it does
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    shiny dexing

    since there is shiny dexing on leader board there should be a section that's shows u what shinys u dexed so u can keep track
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    Closed make that so u can trade gold

    make so u can trade gold instead of making the other person buy it for u
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    Closed add more ranks to guilds

    can u add generals after officer and co-leader after general so there can be more ranks for guilds
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    Here are where the gym coordinates are

    gyms rock 0,0/ water -19,-19/fighting -19,5 (the grass one is in a town u cannot enter and hopefully they change that
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