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    welcome to forums
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    minor visual issue

    that confusion is probably from different vulpix
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    Oh no

    which one is u
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    i am slaking i am fat and lazy and slaking is fat and lazy
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    This is totaly my work ok

    nice drawings
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    Safari Balls

    i think this is good suggestion but there should be a maximum amount or else people will have infinite balls because a lot of people do faint when they just got in
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    Closed Tourney Ideas

    also level 100 pokes and fighting is good against normal types
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    this is my drawing of Pachirisu

    this is what pachirisu looks like
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    Item Trades

    i like this suggestion that way we wont use too much time when trading
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    Item Drops

    i think this is good suggestion
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    Closed Fire type tourney.

    i am in
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    Closed Trainers Bronze Tournament

    lol people wont join with entry fees no prizes too
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    Pokémon Snake Game

    noctowl leafeon
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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Pokémon Snake Game

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    Flying market

    i want to see tyrunt
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    u should auction in game and show us iv and u might get more money
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    BestBoy Trade Shop!!

    @bestboy10013 get online in rise i have level 100 to sell to u and tell me ur discord
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