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    The wooloo revolution

    I have made a guild called the wooloo revolution it is a free to join guild if you ever want to join pm me in game or respond to this post you will get a free wooloo upon joining and I will do a couple giveaways in the guild once we get more players also wooloo are op so join :)
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    Invisible pokemon at 15,-8

    Sometimes the game glitches just try reloading page
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    Anyone know what hot dogs are made of

    Anyone know what hot dogs are made of
  5. Tatery1

    Barbecue chips are the best

    Barbecue chips are the best
  6. Tatery1

    Excavation event

    What is there was a event where like you go around like a dig site and you try to collect fossils and after you collect a certain amount of fossils you go to like a npc who gives you one of the galar dinosaur Pokémon
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    Hello forums

    Hello forums
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    Hello my name is tater I have been playing this game for a while but I just made a account and yeah
  9. Tatery1

    Tater shop

    these are all for sale pm me in game if you are interested in buying or trading for them
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