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    Item Drops

    The new suggestion is "Item Drops": These are events where an item of the staff's choice can be chosen to be placed anywhere on the map similar to spawns, but only one person can get that item. For example, a mega stone, reroll, gold or a rare candy is dropped at x,y coordinates, and the first...
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    Closed Christmas Clan Centurio Guild Tournament

    Hello Kupo Members, Kyreo here, and I present you the Christmas Clan Centurio Tournament: Restrictions: No legendary, pseudo-legendary & their evolutionary lines, or mega evolutions, ultra-beasts You are only allowed to bring Pokémon you can find out in the wild (in the current map) or must...
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    Closed The Pokemon Rise Elites Cup

    Hello trainers, Kyreo here. Welcome to the Rise Elites Cup, where lvl 100 poke go all out against each other. Here are the things you need to know: Team Format: 3 Poke are to be registered and only those 3 can be allowed to be used. Pokemon with a base stat total of above 620 are banned with...
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    Solved Ev Yield Problem

    While Ev Training I noticed i was for some reason gaining Special Defense Evs at a tile where I should know that most or all poke at this tile give either Attack, Defense, or HP evs. Then i noticed how Pidove were giving 2 Sp def evs per poke, even though according to online research they are...
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    Pokemon Moves Suggestions

    Here is a list for suggesting new features revolving around Pokemon moves: 1.I have noticed Pokemon that can't learn Pre Evolution moves. Example Frillish learning Hydro Pump at lvl 49(Gen 7 Moveset) but as a Jellicent learns at lvl 53 (Gen 7 Moveset). I would like to see Pre Evolutions moves...
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    Hoopa Unbound Recommendation

    If there is a Hoopa Unbound spritesheet, is it possible to the game to add the function of changing Hoopa's form from Confind to Unbound?
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    Older icon sprites back

    Hello I do love the older icon sprites for the poke gen 1 through 7 (i'm fine with gen 8 coz they're new) but an update made them change those sprites. Is there any way possible to revive them back or not? Also may not sound right, but is there a possibility of having something like where...
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    Closed Clan Centurio Tournament Teams(Only Kupo players)

    Post yours teams here Mine are: Serperior, Conkeldurr, and Haxorus
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    Closed The Clan Centurio Guild Tournament

    Hello all Kupos, My name is Kyreo and I am an officer of Clan Centurio. A tournament has been set for only Kupo members. When this post is out whoever joins after will not be able to participate. Rules: 1. It will be a lvl 50 tourney 2. For now due to everyone having varying experience, we...
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    New sprites for possibly to be in game

    Zygarde 10% Better Salazzle Sprite
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    Sawsbuck Overworld Sprites

    I thought of how it needs improvement and found the other forms too: I would love these in game thank you.
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    Closed Variant Forms Icon Sprites

    Normal right side, shiny left : Aegi Blade Basculin Red Striped Burmy Sandy Burmy Trash Castrom Rain(Note: Castform doesn't have shiny variations) Snowy Sunny Cherrim Sunshine Darmanitan Zen
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    Normal and Shiny Mega Icons Sprites(would be great if in game)

    Metagross Gallade (credit to cavemanditto too for working on it) Gardevoir Absol Abomasnow Aerodactyl Aggron Alakazam Altaria Ampharos Audino Banette Beedrill Blastoise Blaziken Camerupt Diancie Garchomp
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    Closed The Mini Tournament Bracket Set

    Hello again Trainers, I have gotten together 13 players during the weekend, so that means there will be one week left until the battles begin. We will start on Saturday and me, Sayok, and possibly Mike will watch the battles as refs. Also to make sure you guys don't have broken any rules, I...
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    Closed The Mini Cup Tournament

    Hello Trainers, My name is Kyreo33 and i am planning to host a tournament pretty soon if we have enough players. The rules are: 1. Maximum Level is 25 (no 26 and above) 2. Poke that evolve at higher lvls are banned (Like Volcarona lvl. 59) 3. Also poke that evolve by happiness are banned (ex...
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    Solved Pokemon attacking themselves and fainting

    Every once in a while, one of my pokemon while in an battle with wild pokemon would use one of its attack moves on itself, most likely causing it to faint. Is there a solution to this?
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