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  1. Chansey

    Closed 100k contest :P(1mil if i get 21 defenders)

    SO the competition is a bit of a battle. Imma take over a gym and place a ton of defenders. We will meet up at time and day. 1 person will enter and attempt. if every1 loses then we go in safe order until some1 wins. no leggies(mythicals arnt leggies ^_^) allowed otherwise anything goes. ill pm...
  2. Chansey

    Closed exp share

    a turn off and turn on button for exp share or even a button on poke that allows exp to go to it. like sometimes i'm in safari and i get a level 1. don't wanna level it.
  3. Chansey

    remove safari lootball

  4. Chansey

    Closed .

  5. Chansey

    chansey giveaway orders

    im done giving away random chanseys with OT me. u can order 1 below. this is all free
  6. Chansey

    Chansey Lasting Memory :P

    so ill be quitting in about a month and i want make a guild that will go on. ill be doing a giveaway right before i quit. all members will get a happiny with OT me. looking for people join this Memory guild. old players will be officers to invite new people and keep it going. pm me in game or...
  7. Chansey

    Closed chanseys marathon(stop posting)

    sign up below 10 people max first place wins a shiny starts 15min meet 0,0 once sign up groot awesomepro zreck100 pokestar789 kyreo33 darkboi23 angle16
  8. Chansey


    gib us back snorunt tile or another hp ev tile plz i am a vampire now do as a say since u are under my spell
  9. Chansey

    Chansey the Chansters ev service

    ev price hp:40k atk:40k spec.atk:40k current job: rose(x3) Message me in game or leave reply. im pretty fast but weekends im not online alot
  10. Chansey

    Closed weird suggestion

    since joe was banned and there's a lot of pokemon people want from there my though was do a raffle and you win a random pokemon. idk just a thought
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