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    Closed GIVEAWAY

    i am in
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    Good bye everyone!

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    Name That Nubhorse

    1 and 10. Normal form 2 .fire form 9. water form 16. ice form 3. flying form 4. poison form 8. ghost form 5. ground form 6. rock form 12. steel form 17. dark form 7. bug form 13. grass form 14. electric form 11. fighting form 15. psychic form
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    Epic Shop

    Iwant to know price of armadilo and electrawire pls tell
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    Guild base

    I have seen in every pokemon movies that every group has its headquarters or base so as we have guild system the guilds which are old than 6 months that can get a base were only guild members can enter and every week a gulid can raid other gulid base It would be fun to put defender pokes in...
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    I wnat to take part in it
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    Closed GIVEAWAY

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    Hall of Skems

  11. Ros

    Closed i was not lagging

    i was roming and saw a player only with hat and got near it and followed him for two tiles still i refreshed my net than also
  12. Ros

    Closed direction

    add a compass on the screen so that it would be easy to finds the direction on map i was searching for spawn a got in wrong direction so if it is added many trainer would have chance to see new pokemon
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    Closed my staters are missing

  14. Ros

    Closed my staters are missing

    i got 43 staters when i was counting yesterday but today i got one but i have 42 only how
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    search log

    it means it is ggoing to be uploaded
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    search log

    Add a search log to the teleporter because its hard to search for the town by scrolling down and a seacrc log in which u can put coords and that place name will come or name of the town:):):)(y)(y)
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