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    Solar Beam TM not working

    As you all would have know about the bug from the topic that solar beam TM is not working. When we buy solar beam TM from the store and tries to give to our pokemon it says that are you sure u want to continue or something like that and when we click on OK button nothing happens so if u are...
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    Closed Coords of dratini and axew

    Can anybody tell me the coords of dratini and axew. Thanks, Jai10
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    Closed Quest Bug

    There is quest bug in the pokemon rise game which needs to be fixed because it is creating problem, we can't see what are the quest given to us and we are not able to complete it, please fix it as soon as possible. Thanks:), Jai10
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    Closed EXP Share

    Every trainer in the pokemon rise game takes a lot of time in levelling up their pokemons so please add an exp share item in the mart which cost game money. Please add this item to ease the burden of trainers who take days to level up pokemon. Yes, I know that you have added rare candy in this...
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