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  1. flyingtypecatcher

    Item Trades

    Hello I just want a small suggestion for the trades :) maybe because we can only put 6 by 6 items on each trade, when you click on an item this thing pops up saying: How many? and then u type how many pokeballs you want to put on the screen and then it could say next to the icon x2 or x100 as...
  2. flyingtypecatcher

    Closed wfp Tournament

    do NOT do battles withgouht a guide(person who checking u doing right thing) battles start on monday all week through. CANNOT give oppenent if u not pmed me ur team. U and UR oppenent plan the date starting from monday/7 and pm me which day (not staurday or sunday) or leave a comment below...
  3. flyingtypecatcher

    Know-a-move evos

    It would be cool If pokemon could evolve when knowing a move I have a simple suggestion: For example likitongue for evolves for learning rollout. Maybe you can just evovle the pokemon on the level the likitongue learns rollout. This could be the same as yanma learning ancient power and aipom...
  4. flyingtypecatcher

    Pokemon snake game (HARDER VERSION)

    This pokemon has the same rules as the other one. so if I start yveltal next person could say for example levanny. but the things that make it harder are: take turns so don't say 2 pokes in 1 go and NO REPEATING!!! If u run out of ideas for a pokemon on that letter wait for someone else to write...
  5. flyingtypecatcher

    Flying market

    THE X MEANS NOT FOR SALE SOLD STUFF: Tyrunt sold. oshawott and pink iv starou sold. togepi sold STUFF TO SELL:
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