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  1. J

    Mongol Empire

    We are looking for new members. Look for me and pm me if you want to join
  2. J

    Role play

    This is very simple. You will make a character that fits the story (theme is pokemon also prefer character is your username). Then we start the story until its finished. Also no SPAMMING or BULLING (ex: jerrypolly dies in a hole. jerrypolly dies in a hole. jerrypolly dies in a hole). My...
  3. J

    Looking for shinys

    If u have any shinys, let me know here or pm me on rise.
  4. J

    Covid-19/Mongol Empire

    Hey guys. Im the owner of this guild. Due to this pandemic my guild will be called Covid-19. But after this pandemic, it will be back to Mongol Empire. Also if you want to join my guild let me know.
  5. J

    Closed battle hall glitch

    the battle hall in 0,0 makes your own pokemons fight each other. can u get this fix, thx.
  6. J

    hello guys im jerrypolly

    Hey guys, I'm jerrypolly, I haven't really done an introduction so I thought I should do one. I have been a Pokémon fan all my life. I played some of the 1st gen Pokémon game. I played Pokémon red, crystal, soul silver, emerald, white 1 and 2, and platinum. I am working to watch every Pokémon...
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