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    make a option to make chat scroll down when someone enters something you can turn off or on whenever you want
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    Add the option of showing starters in the storage
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    I think there should be a leaderboard where you kill pokemons with the guild and the guild that kills most pokemons in a weak gets money(provided by the server) and the guild leader can hand out the money to guild members this way theres more competition and teamwork
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    Flexing game

    The title kinda says it we flex our highest iv pokemon here. heres mine (stupid game I know but I am curious to see what you guys got)
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    Closed Cloning money you get these screenshots will say everything please fix incase anybody else abuses
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    Selling stuff to prof

    Sometimes you might accidently click on a pokemon you don't want to sell some shinys look the same when you want to sell a rare pokemon I think there should be a confirmation thingy pop up and say are you sure you want to sell a shiny r are you sure you want to sell a rare incase you accidently...
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    when I search up star I find my staryus there but when I sort it by iv its all gone
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    Info of pokemon

    When you search up a pokemon in the pokedex and clicks on the pokemons name it brings you to a new tab and shows stats like I think it will be really useful for new players hope this helps :)
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    locking pokemon

    I think there should be locking pokemon and positions with it like a1, b3, c5 etc in the box you can lock pokemon so you can't sell pokemons to prof by accident unless unlock it the positions just to make that more clearly of what you wanna lock and unlock and something that tells you wither its...
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    bug idk if bug or decoration but I will report it here
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    Closed quest bug I talked to this dude and didn't give me any quests
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    Closed Pokedex

    I think the pokedex can be better that shows the rarity of the pokemon a lot of people ask in chat sometimes people don't answer instead of asking questions they can go to the pokedex and check the rarity.
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    Here is a artwork I found online I thought it looked really good and wanted to show you guys :)
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    Closed new map this is what happened when I opened new map I beg of you guys to change back to old map please why change to new map when old map worked well
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    My trainer card

    heres my trainer card sorry if its bad
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    Closed Quest completion

    After quest completion can the quest list tell us what our reward was because I completed this quest and Idk what reward I got I think this will help
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    Closed Coloring storage

    The color storage update was removed can we bring it back
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    Legends shop

    I am buying high iv pinsir charizard gyarados kangaskhan pm me in game or in Forums I am paying good!!! shiny/High iv gyarados:Got shiny/High iv Pinsir:Not yet shiny/High iv charizard:not yet shiny/High iv Kangaskhan:not yet Paying a lot for 80iv pinsir charizard and kangaskhan depending...
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    Closed Move switcher

    Sometimes you have different moves you want to use I don't always want to change the move I am going to use every single time I take them back and release them so can there be a move switcher where it changes whether or not the move is first or not some moves are just used most of the time and...
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    Closed Pokemon glitch

    Every single time I get off rise when I come back on I see this one pokemon in my team why is it?
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