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    Closed Just a catching tournament

    You get to choose one pokemon u have to battle wild one HOWEVER you may not battle other participants with the Pokémon you chose to start with only the Pokémon u caught in the time frame. You can't level up any Pokémon after you catch them but, you can teach them moves with tm's and/or the move...
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    Closed my mini tournament

    hello i'm starting my own tournament it will start may 1st (ending on may 3rd, maybe longer if i get more people to join), i am not going to be a particiapant in this tourney so that i have time to make sure there's no cheating. Restrictions: No legendary, pseudo-legendary & their evolutionary...
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    pls add pidgeotite and beedrillite

    i think that there should be more megastones for some of the starters like pdigey and beedrill
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