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  1. rajin100000

    Closed A Random Suggestion...

    Why are you saying this to me? It's not my suggestion. And after saying that i said ok about don't asking @Brad ...:unsure::unsure::unsure:
  2. rajin100000

    Closed A Random Suggestion...

  3. rajin100000

    Sup everybody!

    Idk who travel with group? I have never travelled with group that's why i asked. NVM.
  4. rajin100000

    I am from Pluto and Pluto will attack earth when my age will be 0.

    I am from Pluto and Pluto will attack earth when my age will be 0.
  5. rajin100000

    Closed A Random Suggestion...

    Okk ask @Brad ...
  6. rajin100000


    Once that happened with me too. In my screen I was not walking and I was standing but in other people's screen I was walking. So maybe u r thinking that u r in road but in actually u r in grass and some pokwmons are attacking you. It's for only your internet speed ig.
  7. rajin100000

    Closed A Random Suggestion...

    Yeah all people can do this byt we are not an artist so our art will not look as cool as we want...
  8. rajin100000

    Closed Guild (dont edit my posts) Bandy 1.1

    How can we know moscow standard time...?
  9. rajin100000

    Closed A Random Suggestion...

    Who will make the anime? I think there is no such an artist who can DO THIS.
  10. rajin100000

    Sup everybody!

  11. rajin100000

    Different tiles for each towns

    Maybe they can make water tile as an undersea world. Or fire type as a volcano island. But there is nothing like this in RISE TILESET.
  12. rajin100000

    Selling stuff to prof

  13. rajin100000

    Selling stuff to prof

    Noice suggestion... +1...
  14. rajin100000

    Item Trades

    NOICE suggestion.
  15. rajin100000

    Stuff i drew

    Hey can u draw an eternatus?
  16. rajin100000

    Remarks for Guild Events

    Good suggestion
  17. rajin100000

    we should be able to sell items in the shop

    If we sell them, we get the half money of the items. So, I think selling items are useless. But if the game will add nuggets, star piece, etc, then it will be usefull bc these items are made for selling.:p:p:p
  18. rajin100000

    Safari Balls

    Yeah i can understand
  19. rajin100000

    Item Drops

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