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  1. dravidatamizhan

    Closed A KaluX Mini Tourney

    I would like to sponsor ur tourney if ur in discord contact me or just leave a comment
  2. dravidatamizhan

    BidOOF event

    Add me pls
  3. dravidatamizhan

    GYM Hunter

    Found another GYM Today With shiny pidgey, Ho-oH
  4. dravidatamizhan

    GYM Hunter

    Got 1 gym
  5. dravidatamizhan

    Pokémon Snake Game

  6. dravidatamizhan

    Hey There

    :) I am dravidatamizhan but not in real. Basically :unsure: friendly, honest, bla bla bla. Don't believe the previous sentence :p. Fire pokemon freak :love:, Pokemon trainer, Nothing else to say. I like to make friends and i got many friends around the world (y).
  7. dravidatamizhan

    Tourney Training Sucks

    Tourney Training Sucks
  8. dravidatamizhan

    Pokémon Snake Game

  9. dravidatamizhan

    My name is Sickly!

    Hello Sorry for late reply, I want to be friend with you
  10. dravidatamizhan

    Pokémon Snake Game

  11. dravidatamizhan

    Pokémon Snake Game

  12. dravidatamizhan

    Pokemon Alphabet Game

  13. dravidatamizhan

    Pokemon Alphabet Game

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