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  1. GmaxEevee

    ⭐⭐⭐GmaxEevee's Shop⭐⭐⭐

    🐲Welcome To My Shop! Here is what's in today!🦊 Prices: Cryognal - 25k Bannette - 75k Mega Venasaur - 100k Rockruff - 15k For more info ask below!
  2. GmaxEevee

    Closed Trade glitch

    I was given a Lvl 32 Pink iv bergmite thru trade but never received it and the trainer i got it from doesnt have it either plz help
  3. GmaxEevee

    GmaxEevee art thread

    My pokeball themed rabbit hope u like! :D OMG I JUST NOTICED THE RIGHT ARM!?:(
  4. GmaxEevee

    Closed Missing Gold

    I had 5 gold then i logged in the other day and now have 0!i checked in my storage and there arent any pokes that werent there before!my gold is stolen can i have it back?
  5. GmaxEevee

    Closed Costume Trading

    Read the title
  6. GmaxEevee

    GmaxGuild Annoucement and RecruimentThread

    Hi guys Gmax Here this is the annoucment board only officers may post!News and questions only and guild join requests
  7. GmaxEevee

    Closed Gigantamax Gang vs Lord of unholy brothers

    Guild war!oh yeah baby!we will hav a guild war with kenakaneki's guild(i cant believe i said that by heart!@kenakaneki! Dates wilk be mentioned in two days!keeo an eye out! Attention to: Madman234(in activeness tho i cant kick u since ur my friend in real life)My brain:Thats favouritism!not cool...
  8. GmaxEevee

    Closed Evo Chain Competition

    Hello!Gmax here!Iv'e decided to make a tournament!So here are the requirements: .No shiny starters .No galarian starters .No white IV's .Entry Fee 1K So basically you have to have an evo chain of a poke (E.G Litten,torracat,incineroar) or a gen final starter trio (Delphox,greninja,chesnaught)...
  9. GmaxEevee


    IDK if u can catch cobalion but if u cant can we catch it?
  10. GmaxEevee

    Pokedex suggetstion

    I have 3 suggestions 4 pokedex: 1 The pokedex shows how much pokes u hav caught. 2 At the top of the pokedex is the poke thats easiest 2 catch. 3 Under the pic of the poke itll show its can show the first letter of the word for e.g: Caterpie Common (shows C) Nickit Uncommon (shows...
  11. GmaxEevee

    Solved pokeall glitch

    help i cant catch pokes its unbearble i saw helioptile and cudnt catch it
  12. GmaxEevee

    Eevee spawn area

    eevee is a popular pokes with all its evolutions.I think it should hav its own spawning area!itll be a popular area.and ill definietly agree!
  13. GmaxEevee

    Eevee searcher

    i need eevee duh...
  14. GmaxEevee

    Hi im Gmax Eevee

    Hi im gmaxEevee just found out wh onionrings345 is in real in the onions club,were a bunch of london based playerswho are called onionringz345 in any game we and another onion r the only pokemon players he plays pokemon pets,pokemon rise and pokemon creed under the name...
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