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  1. HyperDrive

    Harder Pokemon Snake Game

    Same Rules as normal Pokemon Snake Game, EXCEPT, you have to use images so I'll begin
  2. HyperDrive

    Filter Issues

    Hello, theres a glitch where my messages will not be sent on global because of it containing a foul word which wasn't in my message. It's not something that needs to be looked into immediately because it's not that serious, but I ask that maybe it's looked into when one of you have free time...
  3. HyperDrive

    A Solution to giving the wrong mons to Aspen.

    My solution involves an option so that you can ''favorite'' Pokemon with a star, and those Pokemon cant be released. It'd be similar to the Platinum mechanic whereas if you try to release a mon knowing a HM-Move and it's your only pokemon that knows the move, it cant be released. I hope you...
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