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    Closed (Closed)

    All the guild who want to sign up give your names Its gonna be an Alliance vs Alliance For those who don't know what an Alliance is..... Basically 2-3 Guilds team up for to form an Alliance Total of 3 or less number of Guilds are allowed in an Alliance Other rules are the same as the...
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    I would Love to dex.....

    Hey everyone, Whoever wants to dex any pokemon, just post here Like this: I would like to dex the following pokes: Bulbasur Ivysaur Squirtle Wortortle Golbat Primeape Persian Machomp Machoke Machamp Tentacruel Slowpoke Slowbro Cloyster Kingler Hitmonlee - Done Ditto Porygon Porygon2 - Done...
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    Guild Gym 0,0

    There is no pokemon visible
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    The Legend of the Great Friends

    So, heres the same as the thread "The Story of Bank", But we have made this a bit different, the authors will discuss it thoroughly and then post it here Do like our messages to show how You feel
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    Not mine [But cute]

    Send more cute pokemon drawings saying: "#ItsNotMineButCute"
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    Closed A Mini-Contest [Closed]

    Hey Everyone, there a mini-contest going to be held. Please be online at around 1:00 pm (Indian standard Time) for the finalization of the team. Rules: Pokémon are allowed to be max lvl 50 Use of moves which solely affect the opponent’s status (confusion, sleep, etc.) are banned such as...
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    Offline Messages

    There should a new option of sending offline messages to players. I mean suppose we have something to tell someone very urgently....and that person is offline..... We could send one of our pokemon with a message to that player... This would be very helpful
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    I'm Pheonixpaz i have been playing for bout 2 months now
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