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    Some of My reasonable suggestions, please read everything (I'm sure you won't accept at least some of these suggestions but if you could, please) :D

    Item's that would be helpful in-game (I suggest slowly adding new items so that you don't get busy with this) Repel - Using it on your self will make wild pokemon go away (duration: 2 mins) Super Repel - (duration 5 mins) Max Repel - (duration 10 mins) Power strengthening items like: Black...
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    Closed Chat innapropriate words bug

    the message says to report the bug here in forums if i didnt chat the inapropriate word I first saw that it said that I typed a inapropriate word, I forgot the first word, but i didnt type it. and then i sent a message about prof Aspen and it said i typed the word penis. I didn't type it either
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