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  1. glitch2005

    Absolute Guide on Spawn System

    Please Log-in to the forums with your in-game username and password to get full access to this thread Where will the spawns be spawned? Will the spawns have specific coordinates or time? There is no exact time or specific time for the spawn to be spawned by the staffs. It can spawn at anytime...
  2. glitch2005

    Safari - All About Safari

    Please Log-in to forums using your in-game user and password to gain full access to this thread. The purpose of this thread is to let every one know the full list of all Pokémon in Safari Zone. 1. This is the Safari Building which lets you into a safari zone. This building is present in every...
  3. glitch2005

    Closed Small Tournament

    Small tournament planned today * Catch 6 Pokémon within 30mints from our notification *Can catch any level but the Pokémon shouldn't be level up any further after catching no EV Training nothing allowed * We wait for the participants in battle hall for battling * Last one standing wins Any...
  4. glitch2005

    About Me, Glitch2005.

    Hello, Too late to introduce myself but not a problem. Let me get you guys clear with my introduction. Name: Glitch2005. You can call me Glitch or any name you want to call me is fine. Joined at: I joined this game at Feb 24, 2018. Premium: Yes. Gender: Male Nationality: Indian Age: Well, its...
  5. glitch2005

    PokeMart Suggestion

    Please Log in to forums using your in-game username and password to access the photos used in this suggestion Reason for this suggestion: This suggestion is not any major suggestion but just a game-enhancing one. Not the one obviously affecting the gameplay and needs to be focused on than...
  6. glitch2005

    Guild suggestion

    Rise to evolve over the years had many cool updates. People with an increasing population in the game made the game life even busier. I thought of a suggestion for the guilds which still seems without any update but like a normal guild. The main aim of this thread: Mainly to help the players...
  7. glitch2005

    EV Training Guide

    PLEASE LOG IN TO FORUMS WITH YOUR IN-GAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO GET THE FULL ACCESS TO PHOTOS POSTED IN THIS THREAD. What is EV? EVs (Effort Values) - This boosts a Pokémon's total stats making it more powerful and durable in many ways which might also fetch you a win in a tourney. An EV...
  8. glitch2005

    Solved Bug fixed problem is not fixed

    The cave LT hans is keep on asking for battle even if i kill him no dialogue change same as clints problem which was stated fixed so please look through it, I couldnt get my 8 gold ;-;
  9. glitch2005

    Closed Glitch2005 XP Blocker Suggestion

    Hey guys its me Glitch2005, So I have been thinking about suggesting xp blocker being added to the game because it is very useful for people who doesn't want to make their pokemon level 100 but have it in an certain level but it kills wild pokemons but does not gain xp. This would be useful for...
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