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  1. rajin100000

    Closed sign in problem in forums

    When I want to sign in forum, it says me to put either username or email address. But when I put my email address, it says that "couldn't find the user". I need to put my username in it. So either make it say that put username or fix this issue.
  2. rajin100000

    Instead of left click the option bar should be visible after right click

    I think the friend request, trade, ignore, player card, etc should be visible after right-clicking instead of left-clicking. Because when there is a bunch of people in any area (especially 0,0) we can't walk too fast. If we click on any place and there is a player near the place, we can't go...
  3. rajin100000

    Guild application

    I think it would be cool that in guildhall there is a guild list section and we can click on the guild name and then we can post an application to add me in their guild. And when they will see this they will accept or decline my suggestion. That's all... I think you guys will like this idea and...
  4. rajin100000

    Closed Animation suggestion

    I heard that unity allows animation in games. Maybe I'm wrong, but if it's true then is it possible to move the server to unity?
  5. rajin100000

    Closed glitch

    Suddenly that happened with me I can't see my body and i got fainted for no reasons Then I reloaded it and it's fixed, but one guy also faced this thing in the safari zone and lots of his 10k. So I posted it in bug reports. Kindly fix it
  6. rajin100000

    Battle hall suggestion

    I think this suggestion can make this battle hall better and we won't need any judge or something to justify the battle. My suggestions: So, my suggestion is if we talk with any battle we will see this- If we click to create a battle room we will see this- And if we click to join a...
  7. rajin100000

    Some sprites should be small and some should be big

    Some sprites are too big and some sprites are too small but it's weird. I know that big pokemon sprites are small in this game and small are big but we can resize any image online. As we have already these sprites, I don't think it's illegal yo use the resized sprites of them. Also here is the...
  8. rajin100000

    Trust me I'm not lying

    Im rajin100000 and I born in 14 march 2100. Then I came in past by time-mechine. I live in Pluto and Pluto will attack Earth whrn my will be 0. Pluto is the best and I wish you guys all the best for the attack.
  9. rajin100000

    Mega evolution suggestion

    So, my suggestion is make a mega evolution box that will give us mega evoution pass like "blue orb for 3 days" instead of loot balls. And the price of that box will be high (too high). As the pass has a limit of time, there will be a ending of mega evolution and people will grind money to buy it...
  10. rajin100000

    Closed Rewards for gaining weekly/monthly experience...

    My suggestion is rewarding top three person who earned most experience (not only one pokemon) in week/month. Rewards will be random for each stat. Top player's reward: 1. 85-100 ultra balls (common) 2. Rare candy (5-10)(if possible)(too rare) 3. Pokemon box (3-5)(random)(if...
  11. rajin100000

    Closed A future pokemon league suggestion

    Please don' be worried seeing such a big thread and continue reading. This suggestion is special bc its not in any official game. My suggestion is about adding league conference before champion league (elite fours and champion) as we can see in anime. Reasons: 1. This game is almost same...
  12. rajin100000

    Closed Can you update trade style?

    Problems: 1.Sometimes, we finish our pokeballs during travelling and that's why we need to buy some pokeballs if we see any rare pokemon or something. So in this case, if we want to buy pokeballs by trading, we cant get pokeballs fast bc in we can get only six pokeballs at a time. So we need to...
  13. rajin100000

    Closed Chat suggestion

    I think it might be better if there will be a chat settings and we can change the size of chat box. It's true that we can hide chat box if we have any problem with it, but if we hide this we can't even talk or see other's messages. And sometimes for this, chat becomes dead, which is boring. So...
  14. rajin100000

    Solved PC Storage Bugs

    My noibat has purple ivs but ...... You can understand that the name should be purple but.....
  15. rajin100000

    Closed Buggy Area

    Look at these two trees. bruh !!!! :sick::sick::sick:
  16. rajin100000

    Closed Forum suggestions

    I think we should be able to do these things in pokemon rise forums- 1. Using equations in any post. 2. Able to edit first post in private message. 3. A new section where we can ask any questions.
  17. rajin100000

    Closed Type and Move Suggestion

    I noticed that in this game no normal type pokemon can attack any ghost type, no ghost type pokemon can attack any normal type pokemon and so on. And, if any fire type pokemon attacks ghost pokemons with normal type move, it deals damage. But in official games, normal type pokemon can attack...
  18. rajin100000

    Solved Can you also make the party with the pokemons iv color as storage in pc?

    The title says all. And plz read previous suggestions of other players first.
  19. rajin100000

    Closed New Lapras Glitch

    This lapras is stucked in this tree and can't move.
  20. rajin100000

    Closed Attack Glitch

    I can't change my pokemon's attack. If I click on another attack, it automatically changes into defend. Bruh!
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