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  1. leo17hn

    They can not level up

  2. leo17hn

    A player sold my pokemon to other trainer

    He told me that he was going to evolve it for me but two weeks ago but he sold it to another trainer Pst his name is Gulableman
  3. leo17hn

    Quest Log giving incorrect co-ordinates

  4. leo17hn

    Is this happening to everyone or just me?

  5. leo17hn


    A pokedex with all pokemon that ash has captured For example
  6. leo17hn

    What is this pink dot?

  7. leo17hn

    Add rewards

    Add rewards for steps
  8. leo17hn

    Add bikes

    Like the old games
  9. leo17hn

    Add banks

    To save the money
  10. leo17hn

    Add challenges

    the game becomes repetitive sometimes
  11. leo17hn

    Nursery and Pokemon eggs

    it would be great you can save the pokemon in the nursery to level up the pokemon and get eggs for trade
  12. leo17hn

    The orange scarf

  13. leo17hn

    More items in the store

    Can you add more items in the pokemon store? like candy, safariballs, mega stones, superpotions
  14. leo17hn

    Alola and Galar pokemon

    I'm waiting for the Alolan Pokemons
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