A ''glitchy'' poke-buy.


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Oct 11, 2018
Hello it's kageyoshi, So i went to the gold shop with my 14 gold, i decided to buy myself one (note the word one) porygon, so i pressed, the textbox saying i bought a porygon popped up twice and i closed them, i found that weird (especially i clicked once and has no mouse problems whatsoever) but now i'm stuck with two porygons which has almost identical iv% (which is mediocre..) and 2 gold, help. i never bought more than one and i'm stuck with two porygon with mediocre iv and i lost most of my gold for no reasons. i never wanted two and i only pressed once, my mouse sensivity is perfectly fine i can promise, please help me, this was a waste of gold and considering it never happened until recently i assume it«'s a new glitch. Sorry for the long text and thanks you in advance for your answers. -sincerely kageyoshi
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