A Guide To help You encounter UC and Rare Pokemon more easily


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Sep 26, 2021
Hello Players,

I've noticed that sometimes players mostly new players have difficulties getting some uncommon and rare pokemon (mostly starters),
so I decided to create a small Guide to help with those questions, preserve some people's sanity and prevent the same question from being asked repetitively.

I'll start with the well-known fact that the further you go from towns the higher the level of pokemon you will encounter, well there is another important detail that is rarely mentioned when you reach a tile that is 4+ tiles away from a town the spawn change slightly some of the more common pokemon won't spawn and instead, you will encounter the more uncommon pokemon that is showed in your tile radar.

for example: we going to use tiles 16,-8 and 20,-8


In tile 16,-8 you will encounter the more commonly spawned pokemon Rolycoly and Blitzle :


While in tile 20,-8 they won't spawn at all instead you will encounter the more uncommon and rare pokemon in that same radar, as you can see 20,-8 is 4+ tiles away from any visible towns and this game mechanic preserved itself in every tile in Rise.

Further exploring into this mechanic showed another set of calculation to determine one of those tiles, as shown below if the tile is 3 tiles latitude and 3 tiles longitude away from a town will also produce said tiles.

There are a few final notes I'll add to this guide:
1) if a tile is 4+ tiles away from one town but it isn't from another it won't spawn in the same way I explained above.
2)spawn rate for starters and pseudos is still the same but the chances to encounter them in one of those tiles will be highly increased (doesn't mean it won't take some time but it would be easier)
3) if you came here to look for coordinates to get a specific pokemon then you need to visit Groot's guide Here.
4)I'll add the map site for the players that don't know the URL Here.

I hope this guide helped:sneaky:.
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