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What level would you like the Tournament to be?

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Aug 20, 2020
What's up everyone, I'm going to be hosting a tournament in the next couple of weeks, the theme for it will be a Mini Tourney.

Battle Rules:

- Any Pokémon is allowed, you can use any gen, type, etc. But you have to follow the two rules in red
- They have to be level 50 ONLY (no under or over levelled pokes) and have to have base stat total of underneath 530
-No Legendary, Pseudo Legendary , Ultra Beast Mythical Pokémon. Also Slaking and Rhyperior are banned.

- All Moves with a power above 140 are banned,
-False Swipe, Nuzzle, Wilo Wisp, Toxic, Fake Out, Thunder Wave, Body Slam and any other move that is only for giving the opponent a status condition are all banned

-No Mega evolutions
- drain moves like Drain Punch and Giga Drain are allowed
- No duplicate Pokémon ( however, alolan forms do not count as the same type of Pokémon, same goes for eeveeloutions)


-Prizes will be a selection of high iv pokes (with good spreads, perfect for PvP) these are:
EV Trained level 50s: Hippowdon Donophan Ampharos
Orange IVs: Trubbish Nidoran M Shinx
Purple IVs: Slakoth (Nubking op :/ ) Magmortar Kangaskhan Swablu Driffiblim Growlithe
Starters: Tepig Oshawott Charmander Cyndaquil
More Prizes may be added depending on the number participating

1st Place: gets a choice of 7
2nd Place: gets choice of 4
3rd Place: gets whatever is left


Times will be announced soon, need to check everyone's time zones etc.

Stay tuned, have fun, and post your in registration here or PM me in Rise or Discord if you want to join. Also be sure to PM me if you have any questions about the base stats of a Pokémon

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