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Which week should the contest take place?

  • Week 1 [12th to 18th April]

  • Week 2 [19th to 25th April]

  • Week 3 [26th to 30th April]

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Oct 6, 2020
Hey Everyone, there a mini-contest going to be held.

Please be online at around 1:00 pm (Indian standard Time) for the finalization of the team.

  • Pokémon are allowed to be max lvl 50
  • Use of moves which solely affect the opponent’s status (confusion, sleep, etc.) are banned such as confuse ray, will-o-wisp, etc.
  • Draining moves, false swipe, etc. are banned in this contest
  • Area moves are banned
  • All Pokémon are allowed [No legendary, pseudo-legendary & their evolutionary lines, or Mega Evolution or ultra-beast or Box Pokémon]
  • Move with power 140 and above are not allowed
  • No Pokémon should be repeated.
  • No duplicate Pokémon from the same evolutionary line. (exception: eeveelutions)
  • Alolan and Kanto forms are not counted as same Pokémon
  • Teaming up with other trainer is allowed.
  • Slaking, Rhyperior and snorelax is allowed [Choose any 1 tho]
  • Decide within yourselves who to team up with
  • Maximum 2 players in a team.
  • In a team, players are not allowed to have the same Pokémon [Ex: if i have chosen a Arcanine, and my teammate chose the same, either i or my teammate must change the Pokémon]
  • Exception for team is that in a team, players are allowed to keep Pokémons with same evolutionary lines, [Eg: If i have bulbasaur, my teammate can use Ivysaur in the contest.]
  • You can decide your team and either pm me in-game or send here.
  • Send your Pokémon queue here on a selected date [The selected date would be a date a day prior to the tournament. Once chosen, you are not allowed to change team]
  • A mixture of Gens is allowed in this contest
  • If a team wins the final round. they might have to battle amongst themselves for the first prize.
  • No potions of any type allowed
  • There is no exception of only 1 type of Pokémon in a team, different type Pokémon can be used in the team.

Battle Format:

  • All players must heal their Pokémon completely before entering the battle hall.
  • Once your Pokémon is out, you cant take it back unless it has fainted or the opponent is down.
  • If you are in a team, then you can change places during a battle only if at least 2 of your Pokémon have fainted.
  • For changing members in a team, you have to message : player_change_(playername)
    Eg: player_change_KaluX , etc.
  • Once the contest starts, contestants are not allowed to leave the Battle hall.
  • Once your Pokémon has fainted during the battle, pm me in-game to say it, i will update it.
  • Select your teammates as soon as possible.
1st Place: Orange IV pokemon and Pink IV pokemon / Mega stone and 50k
2nd place: Mega Stone and 30k / Orange IV pokemon
3rd Place: 2 Pink Iv Pokemon and 10k

[Please stay alert for further updates]

The contest date and time will be decided with consult to the contestants

The teammate selecting time starts now!
  1. AURA POWER -recperoburst and StevenMayur4040
  2. Team IDC - Chansey and RedPS
  3. Falcon Flare - Igcosmic and Garou
  4. ___________ - mohamedsharukh and Kohai
  5. Aura - smashing and Hamcat4life
  6. _________ - dei5 and kiba1
  7. Heracrosses - jayadev and nspokemon

Contestants: [If you want to join, then message "I'm in"]
  1. smashing
  2. recperoburst
  3. Chansey
  4. StevenMayur4040 (yogi478)
  5. Igcosmic
  6. RedPS
  7. nspokemon
  8. Hamcat4life
  9. Garou
  10. Kohai
  11. mohamedsharukh
  12. kiba1
  13. jayadev
  14. dei5
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