Buying Pokémon below 10% IVs


Nov 19, 2018
As many may be aware, I'm looking to host a Battle Factory style event using Pokémon with awful IVs and EVs.


Preparations are almost complete but I require a few more Pokémon below 10% total IVs before we can start.
I don't want any duplicates on the roster so I'm looking for any unevolved species that does not appear on the following list:

growlithe weedle slugma cryogonal houndour hoothoot zangoose slakoth tynamo roggenrola doduo lapras snubbull sigilyph klefki munchlax silicobra rufflet hawlucha bounsweet lotad axew sableye anorith ponyta purrloin rhyhorn kricketot paras surskit fletchling alolan vulpix swablu kecleon noibat drowzee carnivine snorunt duskull bellsprout misdreavus togepi murkrow feebas plusle riolu

I'm offering a (non-negotiable) bounty of 500k for any Pokémon that fits the above criteria. I don't want just any random grey pokémon- the IV total must be below 10%.
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